•   about 6 years ago

Camera Availability

Looks like the camera will not be available until first quarter 2018, can the challenge be completed without the hardware?


  • Manager   •   about 6 years ago

    Hey Ruben,

    Unfortunately, no. This challenge is open to people who received hardware at re:Invent and meet the other eligibility requirements. If you meet those other requirements, you can try to find a teammate who received one!

    We hope to run another competition after the full release, but in the meantime there is a limited release. Thanks for your interest!

    All the best,

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    Then this should be listed as a local hackathon, not as an online one.

  •   •   about 6 years ago

    Hi Stefanie,

    Appreciate the response :), yea hopefully it comes through this sounds like a fun one

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